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Onyx and Porphyry, Marbles of a thousand Hues,

Stones quarried yesterday or a Thousand years ago

form Patterns that dissolve and form again, Flowers of stone,

Gardens of stone, Worlds of stone. Walls, Floors, Arches, Pools and Fountains,

cut and carved and growing to the light.

Panels painted to strain the leash of Reality.

Bone, Wood, Silver, Steel, Shapes from Far off Ages, from Distant Lands, Shapes that are not yet to be dreamed of, Statues, tables, couches, screens, Shapes of Tomorrow’s tomorrow, sinuous, intricate, severe.

There is no end to the Treasures here, for this is as large and wide as the Mind of Man.

But this is Steve Charles and only here,

by Knowledge and by Craft,

the Shapes of the Imagination can be caught,

the True materials discovered and wrought and the hazy Dreams of sleep be turned into

The Very Real.

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